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Captain WINES are found ONLY at the winery, and on-line. As of date, our wines are not sold anywhere else
Great wine is all about, location, location, location 
"People want to know where their food, and that includes wine comes from, and we are satisfiying that need"  - Susan Captain-  S.F. Chronicle 2016
Captain Vineyards wines focus on Lamorinda grapes and aim to taste our very unique terroir.
Our wines have less than 5 PPM of Sulfites (vs. up to 300 PPM for most other wines).  That is truly NATURAL wine keeps with our philosophy that nature often knows best.  Our dry farming techniques are not only drought-tolerant; it makes for the most concentrated flavor and color you can get through natural means. You have to taste it to believe it!

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New Releases and Un-Released  Bottled Wines

  1. Hazel Blend 2012
    Deep, peppery with a hint of oak. Estate grown..30% P.V., 25%C.S., 10% C.F., 35% Sangiovese
  2. Cabernet Sauvgnon 2012
    Estate Lamorinda Cab, must taste it to believe it
  3. Pinot Noir 2013
    Wonderful unique wine, pairs very well with poultry and fish
  4. Cabernet Franc 2012
    Delightful nose, with balanced taste.
  5. Camille Blend 2012
    Bottled on 9/28/2016, 106 cases. Petite Sirah 74% and Grenache 26%. Amazing texture and color, Delightful nose. Not for sale yet.
  6. Petite Sirah 2012
    Bottled on 10/13/2016, 89 % Petite Sirah and 11% Grenache -Peppery nose, with balanced taste. Not for sale yet!!
  7. Petit Verdot 2012
    Bottled on 11/18/2016, 100 % Estate Petit Verdot -Balanced, Rich and fruity. Not for sale yet-!!